Future Focused
Selection and advice about building products for a better world.

People I trust

I help people choose building materials and products for their sustainable home, anywhere in Australia. These are some of the experts I rely on for stuff that's out of my scope.


I'm proud to be a supporter of the organisations and small businesses listed on this page. These are people I know and trust to do the right thing for their members/clients and the earth.


The Alternative Technology Association produces Sanctuary and Renew magazines, and does a raft of advocacy, technical and policy research work. They're a great source of information, ideas and inspiration.

Friends of the Earth is Australia's most grass-roots, down to earth environmental organisation. It challenges the very underpinnings of our economic and political systems, and works towards environmentally sustainable and socially just communities. I'm professionally indebted to the various campaigners who've informed my thinking on timber, plastics and nano technology. I'm also personally grateful for the work of hundreds of FoE activists who've mobilised in so many campaigns over more than four decades. Oh, and if you're looking for nude food, the FoE Food Co-op is still your number one place to shop. Please consider becoming a member and/or a donor.

Services and suppliers

Insulation & draught proofing

The right products are only one aspect of achieving quality insulation and draught proofing. I've seen some really bodgy installation jobs. EcoMaster have impressed me for their thoroughness and commitment to quality products and installation. It actually matters to them whether their products achieve what they're supposed to. They also do home energy efficiency assessments, which should inform every renovation.

Rainwater tanks, solar hot water, heat pumps, air con & PV systems

Tim at SolarFlow is my neighbour. His knowledge of systems and products is top notch and I see the care he puts into responding quickly and attentively to clients' needs. 

Going Green around the house

There are many online stores selling "green" products and only some are the real deal. Lucinda and Sean have been running Going Green Solutions for years now and have become experts in sifting through greenwash to find products that really do have a lower environmental impact. They specialise in biodegradable catering ware (retail and wholesale) and office supplies, and also sell a huge range of household items. Have a poke around in their online store or visit them in their lovely shop up in Hurstbridge.


Green builders & DESIGNERS

If you haven't already selected a designer/architect and/or builder, I strongly encourage you to opt for people with a proven track record in environmentally sensitive building.

  • When it comes to designers, look for people who have delivered houses that rate at least 8 stars and don't involve vast walls of glass and huge volumes of concrete or steel.
  • For builders, look to the companies who have built homes for those designers.

With the right people on your team, you may not even need me.

I know and respect many designers. Each has a different focus and way of working. If you're looking for a recommendation, I'm happy to give you some leads when I know more about your project. My own building design and documentation work is supervised by Ingrid and Christina at CHI Design Studio.

Design & Build

Did you see that question on my FAQ page about whether it's better to have a green builder? The answer is yes. It's even better for your home to be designed and built by the one (green) company.

My own home was designed and built by Positive Footprints. So was the house next door (that's Tim's place). If you don't yet have a design, then I strongly encourage you to contact Jeremy and Chi for a chat about possibilities. With them, you definitely won't need me! (How's that for doing one's self out of a job?)