Future Focused
Selection and advice about building products for a better world.


Sustainable homes are vital if we're to slow down climate change. I can select, shop for and advise on sustainable building products for your new home or renovation ... anywhere in Australia.


We all share responsibility for conserving earth’s scarce resources, and for protecting our soil, air and water.

Homes should be a pleasure to be in. Everyone benefits when we pay attention to access, air quality, functionality and aesthetics.

Future Focused homes should not cost the earth – literally or figuratively. While there are people who can and do spend millions on building or renovating, my clients have limited budgets and need assistance to work out how they can get the best environmental bang for their buck.

In an imperfect world, where systems are stacked against sustainability and fairness, we need to be practical and pragmatic. In any build or renovation, there will be times for compromise. Few “perfect” products exist, so while it is important to be flexible and creative, we also need to know when to draw the line on our searches for environmentally and socially responsible products. Sometimes, we just need to take a punt and move on!