Future Focused
Selection and advice about building products for a better world.

My Services

Building a sustainable home requires a lot of knowledge about materials and products. I select, shop for and advise on building products that don't cost the earth. Let me help you build or renovate in a way that responds to our changing climate - and your changing needs - without stress and hours of research ... anywhere in Australia.


working for our shared client

If you've arrived in this portal because a client has retained my services, you might have a lot of questions. Hopefully we'll talk soon, but in the meantime, here's a brief overview of how my service works.

  1. I meet with the client to learn about their project, environmental priorities and budget
  2. I write up a brief that they can use when they are commissioning a design and/or selecting a builder
  3. I look over their design and identify the materials and products that are likely to be needed (I can also critically appraise their design in terms of functionality and thermal performance, if they ask me to)
  4. I use my database (supplemented by extra research as needed) to identify materials and products appropriate to the design, site context and budget. This is likely to involve some to-ing and fro-ing with you, as the designer or builder. It's in all of our interests for this to be as efficient as possible! I'm quite flexible in terms of how and when we communicate.
  5. I then provide a suggested shopping list of products and materials. This can be quite generic or very detailed - depending on the job. Where multiple products satisfy my criteria and will do the same job, I'll list them all. Typically, for each item, I would provide:
  • The make and model
  • Notes on the intended application (where it's to be used, etc)
  • Product URL
  • My own comments on the product’s environmental credibility (not the marketing guff)
  • Contact details for at least one supplier
  • Information about the price point of the item (relative to competitors who are not or less environmentally preferred)

Using products that are not fit for purpose is not sustainable. When they fail, it usually means things end up in landfill. It can also land people in court. It’s neither appropriate nor legal for me to decide on what products you actually specify or use. Rather, I advise on products that you could use. It's up to you and our client to decide what materials and products are ultimately used - based on fitness for purpose, and the client's priorities and budget.


working directly for you

Future Focused is a new business. I’m currently developing a subscription based resource for builders and designers. This will be web-based and accessed via subscription.

In the meantime, I'd be delighted to provide product guidance directly to you, rather than for a specific client. For starters, I can assess your standard product list and point to areas for improvement. From there, I can research and advise on products or applications as needed.

I have an extensive database of basic products; but sometimes a custom build requires a custom response. I can dig deep to find and evaluate specialty products or services. Yep, I can be your very own researcher.

Please get in touch if you'd like to discuss possibilities.