Future Focused
Selection and advice about building products for a better world.

My Scope

Information and advice about building materials and products for a sustainable home - anywhere in Australia.


thinking beyond the square

When thinking about environmentally responsible building, people often think of things like recycled timber or mud brick. But there are many other (often cheaper) ways to minimise the impact of your build – from plasterboard to recycled polyester.

I provide suggestions about products for all phases of a build – from footings to fitout. Here are some examples. 


Cladding, roofing, floors, insulation, external doors and windows, external trims, decks and pergolas


Taps, baths, showers and shower heads, kitchen / bathroom joinery and bench tops, robes and timber joinery


Architraves and trims, tiles, carpets, paints and timber finishes, sealants and treatments.


Products I leave to others

Everyone has their limits. Solar panels, heat pumps, water tanks and air conditioners are beyond my expertise. I recommend you chat with Tim Prohasky at SolarFlow. www.solarflow.com.au

Appliances change all the time and Choice magazine has been testing products for years. You can often access their website via your local library, or become a member and support an organisation that’s been a very loud voice for consumers over decades. www.choice.com.au


Where I get my info

I have my own database of information, which I’ve built from scratch. It’s the product of hours spent combing magazines, websites and talking with reps and product users. It’s never complete and I always appreciate people bringing new products to my attention.

My training as a critical thinker means that I don’t take marketing materials at their face value. I’m one of those annoying people who’s always asking, “What about …”.

I’ve set out to be an independent and neutral adviser. I don’t get kickbacks, incentives or return favours. Of course, I do have opinions, relationships and people I trust. If you ask me for a referral, I’ll be as transparent as possible about who I’m recommending and why.