Future Focused
Selection and advice about building products for a better world.


Support and advice to build a more sustainable home. I select, shop for and advice on sustainable building products - saving you time, money and angst. If you want an eco or greener home, I can help: anywhere in Australia.


If you've arrived on this page, chances are your client or colleague has referred you here. Welcome. In this portal, you can find out a little about me, how I work, and the services I offer.

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Why I started Future Focused

Building or renovating a home provides a great opportunity to contribute to cutting greenhouse gas emissions by minimising domestic heating and cooling loads and reducing the need for artificial light. But poor choices of new materials and fittings can mean that the benefits of these savings are frittered away. To achieve an environmentally responsible home, we need to look beyond energy and water ratings, to consider embodied energy, waste reduction, the size of our dwellings, the materials and products we use, and how we live.

People who retain my services want to see a better world. They want today's children to grow up in a safer climate, with access to fresh water and clean soil. They want tradies and other workers to have safe working conditions. They don’t want to support repressive governments or companies that have poor human rights records. They value community and reciprocity.

These people want homes that reflect their values. Yet researching and evaluating building materials and products is time consuming, sometimes dispiriting and certainly not everyone’s cuppa tea. That’s where I come in. My job is to select, shop for and advise on building products that don't cost the earth. 

You can read more about my process here and the products I advise on here.